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Chakra BALLS

The healing system of colored crystals can be associated with the various Chakra centers of the body.
are spinning energy centers as outlined in ancient eastern culture. The holding of crystal balls while contemplating the Chakra areas of the body has been shown to be an aid in meditation.

Each Chakra has an associated color which corresponds with an area of the body.

The seven major Chakras, and their associated colors are:

1st Chakra - "The Root"
The primary color is red.
Another color that may be associated with the Root Chakra is black.
2nd Chakra - "The Navel "
The primary color is orange.
The other associated colors are all various shades of amber
3rd Chakra - "The Solar Plexus"
The primary color of the third Chakra is yellow.
The secondary color can be amber
  4th Chakra - "The Heart"
The primary color is green and shades of green
The secondary color is pink.
Chakra balls available:
50 mm size:
cobalt blue,
black "Aurora"
frosted "Aurora" white
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  5th Chakra - "The Throat"
The primary color of the fifth Chakra is aqua or turquoise.
  6th Chakra -"The Third Eye" (or brow)
The primary color is dark blue, or "cobalt" blue.
  7th Chakra - "The Crown"
The primary color of the seventh Chakra is purple or amethyst..
The secondary color is colorless(clear) or white.
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